(Frequently Asked Questions)

1- What is so special about this soap mold kit?

With the Soap Mold Kit - I Want It ALL, you have have the possibility of making 4 different types of soap (different width of soaps).

The only parts that change when you make a different soap width, are the short side panels!

You don't need to purchase the whole Soap Mold Kit - I Want it ALL. You can purchase only the Soap Mold Kit and choose the short side panels you need. Later on, if you decide you want different short side panels, you can purchase extra side panels of a different width to make different width soaps.

2- Does this soap mold need to be lined?

No, this mold does not need to be lined!

Imagine all the time you will save not having to line your soap molds!


Update: Some soaps can be harder to unmold (diferent recipes, hard or soft recipe, hot process) - I sometimes put some oil (ex: almond oil or castor oil) on a napkin and spread it on the interior of the long panels and then pour the soap batter in. This will help your soaps slide off easier from the long panels.

Also, for hot process saop it is best to unmold 4 or 5 hours after pouring/scooping soap. The longer you wait to unmold hot process soap it seems to stick more to the long laterals.

3- Can I spray alcohol on the soap mold or stamps?

No, this mold can not be sprayed with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). These stamps can not be sprayed with isopropyl alcohol.

Alcohol attacks acrylic and can crack the acrylic. Laser cut parts are even more attacked by alcohol because of the cutting process (internal stress is created where the part is cut with laser).

Beverages with alcohol:

You can use beverages with alcohol and pour them in the mold (first you need to cook the alcohol out of your beverage before adding lye).

4- How do I clean the soap mold?

To clean the soap mold wash it like you wash your dishes, with lukewarm water, dish detergent and a sponge or cloth.

Let the parts air dry or dry them with a cloth.

5- What is the best way to storage the soap mold kit?

Since this mold is totally dissambled, you can store the parts flat on each other. Little room is necessary for storing this mold.

Imagine the necessary space to store 4 wooden molds... Now imagine the space to store the soap mold kit.

6- Can you explain Cutter Option "with cutter" and "without cutter option"?

Each Soap mold kit can be purchased with option "No cutter" or "With cutter option".

Soap Mold Kit without cutter option: the soap mold kit can only be used for making soap. 

Soap Mold Kit with cutter option: The base of this soap mold kit is a little longer than the base without cutter option. With this longer soap base, you will have space to slide your soap forward and cut your soap. It is possible to cut your soap slices from 1cm to 3cm. On the soap base there is engraving marks for the sizes 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm and 3cm. 

Placing your soap back in the mold and using the mold to keep your soap in place, you will be able to cut nice straight slices of soap!

An extra part is sent with the soap mold kit with cutter: the Soap Pusher Helper.

Very improtant: The wire cutter is not included. I use a cake slicer wire cutter to cut my soap.

7- Why are acrylic molds so expensive?

The price of material acrylic sheet is 5 times more expensive the price of plywood used for soap molds!

This is just considering the price of material bought.

Each piece of acrylic is then cut in my laser machine to get all the cool options available!

8- Will the mold turn opaque with time?

No, the mold will not become opaque with time.

It might get a few scratches with washing (from your sponge) but nothing that will damage your soap mold.

It will always be see-through!

9- Why is shipping is so expensive?

Shipping is expensive because it depends on various factors:

- Size of package (dimensions of box);

- Weight of package;

- Final destination.

For products that weigh more than 2kg (Soap Mold Kit Expert,

Soap Mold Kit Adventure - I Want it ALL Adventure, and Soap Mold Kit Expert - I Want it ALL Expert) shipping prices are 25€ (in Europe) and 45€ (worldwide - out of Europe).

10- Can I make shipping fees less expensive?


Considering the ranges of prices available at the post office, for shipping worldwide for packages over 2 kg (Soap Mold Kit Expert,

Soap Mold Kit Adventure - I Want it ALL, and Soap Mold Kit Expert - I Want it ALL), it is less expensive to send 2 packages (package of 1.8kg + package of 0.8kg) than to send 1 package over 2 kg.

The price for sending 2 packages is 25€ + 9€ = 34€, compared to sending 1 package of 2.5kg priced 45€.

The only inconvenience of sending 2 packages is that they might not arrive at the final destination on the same day. 

So, I decided to create a coupon for whoever is interested in this option, receiving 2 packages and saving 11€ on shipping.

The coupon code is:




All you have to do is copy the coupon code above and when you finalize your purchase paste the coupon code in the coupon box.

If you have any questions about this, please fell free to send me an email directly to designersoaptools@gmail.com.

Don't forget, this coupon will only work for packages that weigh more than 2kg and for worldwide shipping!

Just remember:

- You will receive 2 packages, sent on the same day, but I can't guarantee that they will arrive at the final destination on the same day.

11- How do I assemble the handles on the mold base?

Handles for the mold base are sent unassembled and you will have to assemble them. Don't worry, it is very easy! The screw is placed from underneath and the handle is screwed from the top.

In the images below you an see which holes are for the handles.

12- How do I place the thin plastic sheets?

If you like to soap with thin trace, it is better to place these thin sheets on the inside of your mold. Choose the width of sheet according to short panel width and place the sheet on the inside (1 sheet on each side of the short panels).

The sheets are a little wider so they might not fit perfectly, they might make a slight curve but when you pour the soap batter the soap batter will push the thin plastic sheet flat.

If you still have questions, please contact at designersoaptools@gmail.com