Natural Soap?


Have you tried nautral soap for your sensitive skin?

Here you will find 100% natural soaps that are made in Portugal with 100% vegeatable oils and essential oils.

These natural soaps help keep your skin healthy, moisturized and heal.

You really don't need a cabinet full of different products for healthy skin!

Start with the basics, choose a great natural soap!

Natural Soap

Because natural is best



O que dizem os nossos clientes 

Teresa Alexandra Gom Morais

Já utilizei o meu sabonete Cores 12, já está quase no fim e recomendo é excelente,tenho a pele hidratada,sem utilizar cremes


Are you looking for natural products that will help your skin heal and keep it moisturized?
Is your skin sensitive? 

Can you imagine that by making a simple change in your daily habbits you will drastically improve the health of your skin?

And guess what? It is a product that is natural, made with 100% vegetable oils, without any preservatives and produced with eco-friendly production.

It may seem a little hard to believe that a natural soap is the product that will make your skin healthier, but it really is this simple.
Using natural soaps your skin will be healthier, moisturized, rejuvenated! It is gentle on the skin making these soaps a great product for people with sensitive skin and skin problems.​

​By simply using 100% natural soaps every day you will feel the difference within your first use and you will see the difference on your beautiful skin within 1 month!

Your skin will begin to heal and will become smooth and moisturized and within 1 month you will see the difference on your skin as your new skin grows healthy!

There aren't any synthetic chemicals or parabens that irritate sensitive skin!

These soaps have natural glycerin from the cold process technique which make your bath a luxurious time and helps keep your skin moisturized.



  • 100% Natural

  • SLS & Paraben Free

  • Palm Oil from RSPO sustainable certified producers

  • Ecological production

  • Cruelty Free

    • (Not Tested On Animals)

  • 100% Vegan

  • Handmade with experience and love

  • Naturally Glycerine rich

  • Cold process technique​

Read more about the Benefits of Natural Soap, the differences in the manufacturing process and in the ingredients used for natural soap and industrial soap.